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The flaws that make genius
Keep calm

The time of year is full of hustling and bustling of rush, rush, rush! Do you even have time to sit down and just write without the creative part of your mind thinking of other seasonal things? Sometimes life can be so overwhelming in all its glory that writing....

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Does it ever end? Will it ever stop?

I first posted this on my blogger, then today I decided to post it here also. So enjoy and tell me what your thoughts are. Writing is like a journey; there is a beginning and an ending, and most of the time you do not know where it will lead you - even with the most detailed outline....

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This place...

I have a saying I like to remind myself that goes: "Life is beautiful, even the parts we think are ugly."When I first wrote that I realized just how beautiful life itself is, every part of it. It is easy to look at the good times...

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