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The value that memories give


We are born with this drive to be something, to do something great, despite the fact that we all will die someday and eventually will become dust mixing with the dust of our planet. What is it that makes us believe we are destined to be great when that is what waits for us all. Maybe it's in spite of that; the drive is from this instinctual need to not be forgotten.Memories are all that we leave behind. Yes, we may leave behind art, or writings, or money, but what are they without the memories. Isn't that what inspires the archaeologist's or the historian's search. To find some form of a memory and an understanding of the people and their time. Memories preserve history, which in turn preserves the memories, adding more depth to innate objects. Without these memories, the objects lose a portion of their value. Take an old gold necklace versus a gold necklace that Cleopatra wore. The value of the first would be based off of testing the metal's purity, its weight, the condition it is in, etc. The necklace worn by Cleopatra would be priceless. Of course a lot of testing and research would go into it, but ultimately, I cannot imagine its value. It's because of her. She gave it value beyond its material value. The recorded memory of her made it priceless. I mean, come on, I am talking about Cleopatra here... But I hopefully am making my point. Our memories, as well as our talent and skills, give value to our work. They give it a depth that goes beyond the superficial and surface level of value.

We are storytellers. Whether we weave the stories to others or we keep them to ourselves, we are filled with stories. This is how we keep the memories alive. Show me an item, and I am pretty sure you'll tell me the history behind it or how it came into your possession. We tell memories.

With that ability to impart a part of us into our work, we must ask ourselves what memories do we want to attach to what we create and leave behind, and how will it affect those that remember. What value will we give the world by us being ourselves and following that drive to be great and do great things.

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Photo license CC0 and credits: Museum: Tania Van den Berghen Street: Steven Arenas