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a.k.a. sarrah

Too much writing

Ok, I admit I was being a little melodramatic with the title. Nine short weeks ago I started the 52 week challenge where I write a short story per week for a year. After I started this challenge I also decided to pick up writing an abandoned novel again. And between those two fantastic projects, I'm writing a longer sci-fi short story too. Yeah...

I think I should clarify: I am not a full-time writer. I write on my free time. Usually at night.

I should also clarify: I may not have thought all this through. (And to think I almost did NaNoWriMo this month!)


Am I giving up? Never. If you haven't it out by now, I don't find way to write less, I make ways to write more.

So here's what's working for me, at least for now: During this week, I'm already scheming for next week's short story. Because I did that last week, I have already been able to write this week's short story (it's Tuesday), which will give me time to work on the other short story and novel. Then some time this week (probably Saturday) I'll film and edit my weekly writing video. Post that by Sunday or Monday. Then start again. Somewhere between, I'll remember this blog, realizing I haven't posted in too long, and come up with something I want to talk about here (or maybe procrastinate on posting, but get around to it).

It's not organize or a writing schedule, but it works. Why? Because I'm getting stuff written. And at this point, that's all that matters.

I would like to close this post with applauding all the writers who have set and organized schedules, who focus on one project at a time, and who are semi-sane with their work. You guys are awesome.


Now to go cram in some more writing before I crash.