a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah

The layers to write


There are so many writers roaming the world and so many books. Why me? What do I have to shovel on top of the already mounding heap? As a writer, I dig down to a place where my experiences, imagination, and knowledge lurk. The same place that my wounds, scars, dreams, passions, and doubts are. This place that I call my Writer's Well. If I were to imagine it, I would see it in layers. The top is the Superficial Layer, the layer that I must always dig passed. It is the easy layer, that beckons me to stay and laze around with it. Down passed that, is the Current Emotion Layer. It's a fickle layer. Demanding me to write on a whim of this...then that...maybe never again. And so I keep digging. The deeper I go, the more difficult and raw the layers become, the more my chest aches, my lungs feel shallow, and my throat feels constricted. I can hear the Superficial Layer calling to me, "it is easier up here." As I write, digging deep from the Well, I endure, yet encourage these feelings of discomfort. For the more I feel, whether exceeding joy or crushing sadness, the more it pours into my writing, the more my writing feels.

Writing from the Writer's Well is never as simple as writing. It is pulling from a place most people keep locked away, and exposing it bare for all to read.

It can be the most excruciating, and yet rewarding feeling a writer can have. To almost be inside out in page and word for all to judge, relate to, and carry with them afterward.

When I look back at my older work, I can see how I could have gone deeper with it. Because that's the thing, at least for me, I always see how I could go deeper, how I could have dug to a deeper layer to really make the writing alive and breathing. Writing that is alive and breathing, laughs, cries, runs away, embraces, it soaks into the reader and touches that place that they keep locked away, and whispers for them to open up and be them.

So why you? Why add to the mounding heap? Because your layers are unique to you. Your viewpoints are only yours. Only you can give you. Won't you want to do that? Free yourself to free others? So go, go write. Dig deep.