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a.k.a. sarrah

Week 1 done, 51 more to go


1,927 words later, the first week is over and so is it's short story. Just 51 more to go. I'll be honest, I had my moments of freaking out about this 52 week challenge. Many moments. Wondering what made me do it, and questioning if I could actually do it. This story seemed more difficult to write than normal. At first, I assumed it was because of the week's deadline looming, but I usually write the first draft of a short story in less than a week, so I knew that couldn't be it.

Then, Friday night, I realized that it was the 51 deadlines after this week's that loomed over me, intimidating me. I had an unsettling feeling that I had started something that was unattainable. That I would surely fail to be able to carry through the year. Oh you know, insecurities and all.

Saturday, I was a paragraph away from finishing the short story. I even tweeted that. But did I finish it? No.

So Sunday, from 9pm to 10pm, I wrote the ending, which turned out to be a few more paragraphs than I thought. In the moment of saving the document, I realized that this will be the best thing for me. A year commitment to myself to write a short story, from start to finish, every week forces me to push pass insecurities and write no matter what. I think to see finished (first draft) stories piling up is a great way to battle writer's insecurities. Not only helping me improve my writing/storytelling skills and writing habits, but becoming an accountability tool for myself to finish stories. Starting a story feels fantastic, but finishing it is such a rewarding feeling.

It's Monday, October 10th, and thus begins week 2. I couldn't feel more ready and not ready all at once. What an invigorating feeling. Blank page waiting, let's go!



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