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The balance of descriptions


I've been thinking a lot about descriptions, more like agonizing over them, and I came to a realization I already knew: they are tricky buggers. So all that for nothing? Well, not really nothing because I decided to write a post about them. TMI descriptions can be a turn off, but so can NMI descriptions. There is a balance to writing the right kind. It's all about finding the balance that works for you.

Here are my 5 questions to ask yourself regarding your description in question:

  1. does this help move the story forward?
  2. does this match the style, tempo, and feeling of the story?
  3. does this match the previous descriptions?
  4. (if in an action scene) is this slowing the action down?
  5. do I need chocolate or coffee or comfort food? (this will probably be a yes.)

Those are my top 5 questions I use, repeatedly. Number 5 is probably the most important.

How do you find the balance of your descriptions?

*TMI = too much information *NMI = not much information