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The official story -#littlebitstories


"We're lost," she said."Stop being so melodramatic." He laughed. She glared at him, and slid her pack off her shoulders, dropping it to the ground. "I'm not. I have no idea where we are. You have no idea where we are." She unzipped her pack and fished out her phone. "Just as I thought." She groaned. "We have no service." He took the phone from her without glancing at it and put it back in her pack. "Look." He pointed at a tree. "The moss is on that side, so that way is north." She rolled her eyes. "I know we're lost if we're doing the moss north thing." He picked up her pack and slung it over his shoulder. He started walking, she followed behind. "You know," she said slowly, running to catch up with him. "What?" "This isn't the first time we've gotten lost." He smiled. "I'm not lost." "Do you remember? It was our first date." She smiled at the memory. "Come on, it's just up ahead." He pointed to some spot that looked no different from where they were. "See?" He walked her up to a tree. There on the tree were their initials and the date of when they had gotten lost on their first date. She ran her fingers over the carving and turned to look at him, he was digging something out of the pack. He got on a knee, lifting a ring up to her That's when he said it, the famous line: "With you, I'm never lost." ••• At least that's the official story that they tell everyone.

The unofficial goes pretty much the same, only he really was lost and he had finally just given up and produced the ring at no specific place. They never found that tree where from their first date, and still haven't. And he said that line when they where driving home, guided by their GPS.

In both stories she said yes, which is all the matters, right?

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