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a.k.a. sarrah

The journey of finding your writer's voice


I used to believe that one day a magical writer's moment would happen: I would discover my writer's voice. Like a moment of arrival, and from then on my writing would have a consistent distinctive mature sound, message, and tone. In many ways, I wrote for that moment, looking for it in my writing. There were times I thought that moment came, but over time, my writing would changed a little more, so I thought I had been wrong. Finally I saw that after seriously writing for years, somewhere along the way I had already found my voice. However, the writer's voice was something different than what I thought.img_7797There comes a point, or perhaps over time, your writing matures. However, there is a difference between your writing maturing and finding your writer's voice. Maturity in your writing comes from you, the writer.

Your writer's voice draws from the maturity and your ever-changing life. No person is the same person as when they were young, or even just a few months ago. Life itself is ever-changing. Writers draw from the inkwell of their life and soul, their experience, and their imagination. To think that I would be changing, but my writing would stay the same was unrealistic.

Do not box yourself into thinking your writing will remain the same sound, message, and tone. Allow your writing to grow with your voice and the times. Never let your writing become stagnant to preserve your perceived writer's voice. Never limit yourself or your writing. Your writing doesn't make you a writer. You are the writer, the writing flows from you, not the other way around. It takes courage to write from inside, maybe even from the parts in you that you'd rather keep hidden. In a world of fleeting fads, and fake images of lives, people crave real. This is where you find your writer's voice, this is how we speak as writers.