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a.k.a. sarrah

To sum up a year


My Facebook News Feed was filled with my friends' "Your Year in Review" posts. Their whole year summed up in 10 selected photos. It was amusing to look through a few, so I wanted to see what mine looked like. It's interesting to have Facebook "sum" up your year. As I scrolled through mine, I thought back through 2015. So much happened in just 2015; things remembered, things forgotten. The photos selected, or even the ones I could chose from could not begin to be a "review" of my year, but it began me thinking of life and summing a life up (oh man, this post just got heavy).

Life is a constant stream of this moment becoming the past and the future simultaneously.

A year out of a person's life can be counted in days or in the life lived. Photos, videos, statuses all cannot express the preciousness of the simple breaths we took, or the laughing or the tears, the choices and the results, the dreams still dreamt or the ones realized. They cannot show all the times with our families, friends, or alone. Never can they express what only our hearts felt, our unique thoughts, or our moments soon forgotten.

I do not think there is a way to truly "sum" up a year, on Facebook or any other way. We just live in the moment, never in the past or future, in an incredible adventure called: life.