a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah



Oh the adjective that all writers crave to be: inspired.This one word can easily propel our writing or hinder it. I'm constantly seeking inspiration to get inspired so my writing can be inspired and inspire others.

Realistically though, I rarely am inspired when I start writing. I have a passion to write, but that passion doesn't make me inspired.

How to start writing when I'm not inspired: Sit down, stare at the page, take a deep breath (oxygen is a great tip for starting everything. Except when you're underwater, but definitely before you go underwater), then write. No matter what comes out I choose not to be the critic, just the writer (I'll be the critic later with editing). I don't magically get inspired when I do this, but I may end up liking what I'm writing or coming up with something. It's about writing, and perhaps somewhere in the writing you will get inspired.


I believe it's better to have inspired writing, rather than being an inspired writer.

S.C. Kaliski