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a.k.a. sarrah

I suddenly loved that I wrote fantasy 


I've always tried to write literary fiction, but fantasy and magical realism would slip out. As crazy as this may sound, I felt that literary fiction was what "real" writers wrote. That literary fiction was what had the ability to change people, and that genre fiction was just for pleasure, for entertainment. I know, I'm sure you can point out all the real writers who wrote fantasy and other genres that changed people and the world, and I can too. Despite that obvious fact, I still struggled with the genre that plagued my imagination. Then, one night, a thought materialized into a new belief that changed everything for me as a writer. The thought was simple: fantasy confronts reality rather than imitates it.

Literary fiction shows reality, and most times reality is harsh. Fantasy can be an escape from reality, allowing the reader to be someone other than themselves, living in a world different from their own, while giving them indirect tools to deal with oneself and the world, e.i. reality.

This thought began me pondering how writing fantasy is like writing anything, it's about how you choose to write it that makes it great writing, not the genre. The funny thing is, I knew this already, the great writers of fantasy actually did create change in people and the world, but suddenly I felt like this was possible for me. That writing fantasy was legit as writing literary fiction.