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a.k.a. sarrah

Does writing need a soundtrack?


I love listening to music when writing. I call it my writing soundtrack. However, lately I am finding I write better without listening to music while writing.I know you're dying to know why, so here is my reason:

Music can really affect my writing more than just emotionally. It can affect how I structure a sentence, how my characters react to things, and what happens to them. If I'm listening to an epic soundtrack from a video game, e.g. this one, my writing will become more epic (to me) as the song builds. When I write without music, I find that I listen more to the rhythm of the words than to the rhythm of the song, I listen to where the words should go than where the music is taking me. I can know where I need to take the story by listening to the story. I want people to be able to read my writing in a quiet or noisy, musicless place and still feel the music of the words. It can be less inspiring at times to write this way, but I like the end result.