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a.k.a. sarrah

"The farewell" - #littlebitstories


This sign was one of the earliest memories Pete had from his childhood. His father worked at the lake resort since before Pete had been born. It's where his parents met. The resort was a second home to Pete. He learned to drive a boat before a car, and secretly he felt more comfortable in boats than in cars. He took first date to the cookhouse. Swimming and walking seemed interchangeable. Now the world was demanding him to discover it, but this sign begged him to stay. He stood on the dock, staring up at the sign. All his bags were packed, his tickets booked, his plans made. He shifted his weight uncomfortably. Who says goodbye to a lake, who says goodbye to a sign? His father would understand. Pete whispered it into the wind. There was no answer, but he didn't need one. Lakes and signs don't say goodbye, they only say hello.


S.C. Kaliski


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