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a.k.a. sarrah

A new direction for this blog...


There's a certain amount of pressure I feel about this blog. I know it's self imposed, but nevertheless, it is there. It feels like I have to write posts that are less personal and more helpful or inspiring. Because of that, I had a blogger for my more personal posts. The funny thing was I got more interactions there than I did here. I think it's probably because people like personal, I know I do. Not too personal as in TMI, but real words that people can connect with. Always trying to write distant/lofty posts of how-tos or where inspiration comes from can slow my posting down. So if I were to just be more real, I think I would feel less pressure to post more often. So my dilemma is do I wrote more personal on here, my main site, or start up the blogger again? I'm leaning more to writing here, maybe changing the theme to be more conducive to daily (or every other day) posting. I don't want to write an essay length post on this, but I did feel the need to put it out there..

UPDATE: I decided (like ten minutes after I posted this) to post more personal here. So I changed the theme and am ready to go.  

If you have any thoughts on this, let me know in the comments. Thanks, S.C. Kaliski