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a.k.a. sarrah

"Love song" - #littlebitstories


Every morning until noon, a distant love song hung about the air, like a fragrance of a hidden blossom. Then, at exactly 12:02pm, it would end abruptly, leaving the air thin and naked.No one knew why it happened or what caused it. Some believed it to be angels, others believed it the place was haunted, others claimed it was pure magic. No rabbi, priest, pastor, or spiritual leader could stop the song.

The song affected everyone differently. Some felt immense hope for their life, while some experienced fear of their mistakes, others were inspired, while others were confused, and so on. There was no way to really predict how someone might be affected.


Meanwhile, across the street, a man left for work at 6am and would return at noon for a quick lunch. He had an alarm set for 7am until 12:02 to play a song on repeat. He had set it years ago, to help his dog not be lonely. Every day, the dog would watch out the window at the other side of the street where people would gather.

Perhaps it was the way the wind blew, carrying sounds. Or perhaps it is just how life works: taking simple things to affect people to feel or be different, maybe if it's even for a moment.


S.C. Kaliski.


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