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30 days of poetry?


Poetry is the breathings of life translated into verse. It is the fire and ice of life's moments. Since 1996, April has been crowned National Poetry Month. It's a beautiful thing to have a whole month publicly celebrating poetry. A whole month to read, write, speak and listen to poetry. And my favorite: April 30th is Poem in Your Pocket Day, where you carry a poem in your pocket.

Every time April comes around, I always end up thinking why just a month? Why not have it a yearlong thing to celebrate poetry, every day write a poem or read one? Why stop after May 1st?

So cheers to poets and to their poetry. Cheers to the poetry of life and to us who write it and live it, on paper and off.

May your April be filled with an overflowing of inspiration and writing, and may it overflow into the rest of your year.

S.C. Kaliski poetry month