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Procrastination can be good for you


There's three kinds of writing procrastination. 1. Nothing to do with writing: dishes, yard work, shopping, hanging out with friends or people-watching (which could be called "research of characters," but we know that's not true), or, ahem, the internet.

2. Along the lines of writing: cleaning off your writer's desk, organizing your pens and pencils, reading a book about writing, and of course, the internet.

3. As to do with writing: rereading your work, organizing any notes, writing a sentence seven times then deleting it, staring blanking at your writing, and internet "research."

Can you relate?

Now why can it be good for your writing? Of all things? Here's my theory, at least for now. When writing a story, you cannot have all constant, nonstop action-packed adventure or drama, there has to be a little bit of a breather for the reader. Otherwise it will become too intense and overwhelming. So my theory is some procrastination is the breather for the writer. However, too long of a breather in a story makes the reader bored, and may even stop reading. Same can go for the writer. Just enough time can spur you forward, too much of a breather will make the writing boring and may make you not want to continue writing it.

The three different type of procrastination can all have different affects depending on the writer. For me, the 1st helps me clear my mind of the writing's clutter and get a new perspective. The 2nd helps me organize my writing atmosphere and thinking. The 3rd starts the process of drawing me back into the writing, and connecting with what I need to write next.

So don't beat yourself up if you're procrastinating, take a breather, you deserve it. Then start writing again. And you have a hard time starting up again, try taking a new perspective, a different angle on your writing.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Cheers and happy writing, S.C. Kaliski