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A simple technique against the writer's block


I had the writer's block and I had it bad. I've actually experienced quite a few and have found different ways that have helped me. So this is what helped me this time. This block was different than not knowing what to write and feeling stuck. Every day I had story ideas, poems, articles rolling around in my mind. I would think about them and know they could be good. But every time I sat down to write, I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. I started three different stories, numerous poems, a quite a few blog posts. After writing for a while, I wondered if this was something I wanted to take to time needed to finish, and if I finished it would it be something I would want to take the time to edit. Then, a feeling of fogginess, blurred lines of where I was going with the writing blanketed the whole process.

So with all that said, I managed to get out. But to stay out was another matter I hadn't anticipated. And I found a way.

It turned out to be simple, yet difficult. I usually write on a computer, seeing the words form in a print like format. It used to feel clean, organized, inspiring. Now the thought would start to bring the fog feeling. So I started writing longhand and instead of locking myself away to write alone, I wrote around people and plenty of noises of people living. After writing pages and pages, I started to feel good. Like I could transfer the story on to a computer and into my writing routine... fogginess. Nope, keep writing longhand.

So my theory is: try something totally opposite to your normal routine. And if it works, don't stop. Life is ever changing, so should we as writers.

Hope that helps. If you have a way that has helped you get out a writer's block or kept you out of one, tell me in the comments.