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a.k.a. sarrah

How I got out of the block


I had it bad and I was not sure if I could overcome it this time. It was the dreaded writer's block. I have stories coming to life in my imagination every day, but do I want to give up a portion of my life to write them? I do most of the time because I just love writing, but this time I just could not bring myself to write, no matter how I tried.

So here's my story (or a portion of it, at least).

I had finished writing and editing my first novel, and began with what I like to call "the writer's emotional roller coaster," which goes something like: "this novel is a masterpiece, destine to be a classic." An hour later, "what was I thinking? This is terrible. No one is ever reading this." A day later, fishing it out of the trash, "well, I should keep this for history sake." Five minutes later, after starting to read it, "I wrote that? Wow, this could a masterpiece..."

So after that ride and having others read it, I put it aside and realized it had great parts to it, a cool plot, but not something I wanted to be published. I wrote it during a very hard time in my life. I would write a thousand to two thousand words a day (night, more like it) and in a way it became therapy for me. I decided to try my hand at another story. I went back to a horror novel I started writing a few years back, wrote a few thousand words, then stopped. Started a YA story I had rolling around in my head for a while. Wrote a few thousand then stopped. Started a romance story. Got eleven thousand words into it, and stopped. I just could not bring myself to write a single word more, on anything. And thus began the writer's block. Of course I thought, what if that novel was all I had in me to want to write? I'm a one novel writer?

Then, a few nights back I was playing out this story in my head, and I thought, now that's a story I would want to read. I've always read that a writer should think about their readers when writing a story, and I have tried to do just that. But that night I decided to write it just for the fact that I would want to read it and if I would want to read it then why not write it.

Epilogue: I have fallen in love with the characters, their lives, and the world they live in. I found another simple technique that helps my keep writing.