a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah

Conspire to be inspired


There are so many how-to books, blogs,  classes on how to write. But when the actual pen hits the paper, what is it that makes all the how-to learning become a passion driven piece? Is there something that sets aflame to the words and makes your heart speed up as you write? Something that makes you want to write even when there are more fun things to do instead? Or what do you pull from to help you sit down and  write when you would rather do those fun things? Life bombards us with things that can easily depress us, yet, if we choose to look for the spark of inspiration we will see that life bombards us that things that can easily inspire us. In the good times and dark times, we have been given a choice to look deeper into situations and find, sometimes seek out, the spark.

I believe the spark is the spark of life itself, and if you are alive then you have a chance to be inspired and write something throw a spark to someone else.

What inspires you?