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a.k.a. sarrah

Last couple o' days


The countdown of the last couple of days of 2011 is upon us.  The time where most of us look back over what the last year has brought and look forward to what the new year will bring. We have hopes, fears, dreams, memories, plans, spontaneity every day. 2011 will  pass from one day to another, just like any other midnight hour, and it will be 2012. But that one day passing into the next is a big deal with the New Years.  Whether you make a ton of New Years' resolutions or none at all, we all hope for things in the new year. In every plot there comes a time where there is a shift, a change, a place of no return, where the protagonist -or any character- has to make a changing decisions by just the fact there is all the hype of resolutions, but in actuality we are given this chance every day we are alive. In novels and movies there is a certain path the protagonist follows to reach those moments when the shift happens. In life we cannot see our plot line, but isn't that what life is all about, the not knowing and having to write our own story? Some people call New Years turning a new chapter, a new leaf. I say that new chapter, leaf, can start any day, any time, any moment. So don't wait for a couple of days to make your important decision, do it now, and when New Years comes, just celebrate!!

Cheers to a New Year! Sarrah Kaliski - last post of 2011