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a.k.a. sarrah

Keep calm


The time of year is full of hustling and bustling of rush, rush, rush! Do you even have time to sit down and just write without the creative part of your mind thinking of other seasonal things? Sometimes life can be so overwhelming in all its glory that writing takes a backstage to everything else (this, of course, happens in all seasons). But isn't all the jazz and rap of life what actually spurs us forward in our writing? Even when we are not writing, our daily life and the lives around us spark new ideas in us and without us realizing it, we are mentally cataloging things for our future writings.So keep calm, it is going to be fine. There things you can do if you're not able to be at your desk pounding away at your computer or paper.

  • Carry with you a small pad of paper and pen, or some kind of device that you can quickly scribble down a thought that might otherwise be lost if you don't write it down ASAP. Voice recorders are also great tools.
  • If you're standing in a long line, look around. Every day we are surrounded by people, places and things that would work great to inspire the writer in us. Tell their story without them realizing it. Writers are great people-watchers and ease-droppers.
  • Think back to what you are writing and run it through your mind, working out all the things, fixing all the glitches, and adding new twists. Just the simple act of thinking about your writing can be just as illuminating as the act of writing. Keeping your writing fresh in your mind will make it easier when you do sit down to write.
  • And of course, grab every moment you can to sit down and do the deed of writing. Take a deep breath and just start. Draw from your day, year, life.

As writers, we must remind ourselves to keep calm and write on!

May you all be filled with peace and joy this year and into the New Year. Enjoy life, writing, and breathing. Life is a gift, and writers are gifted to be able to record life in ways that move and change people.

In essence, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." ~Ray Bradbury

Happy Holidays, Sarrah Kaliski