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a.k.a. sarrah

Back on blogger...


As my last blogger post says, I took a break from blogger and focused on this blog. Over the time I have had blogger, I used it primarily to post the same things I posted on this blog. But I want to revived my blogger from "break time," only now it will not just be a mirror of the posts on Notes of Life, but have a meaning all on its own. What that is... I am not sure just yet, but I wanted to start it up before too much time went by.Notes of Life talks is about writing, photography, and some life ponderings, but mostly is about writing. My thought for my blogger is since I love to talk about writing, it would be about writing, but different than Notes of Life, not about writing itself, but about my writing. Somewhere to share my excitement about writing and what I am doing, without having to write a big post about it. That's one thought, at least.

So check it out and follow me! There's even a poll you can vote on (see right column under the twitter feed).