a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah

As writers...


As writers, we are expected to weave together words into a tapestry for the minds of others and for something to happen inside of them when they read our writing, something beyond words. To put together something that will dig deep into the heart of life itself and reveal a whole new perspective. To spark a fire in the hearts of people we do not even know.I write to be heard and to have others decide that they want to be heard too. The silent words written on a page can be louder than a thousand waterfalls, that is why I keep writing. I want to know that what I write will not stay on that page, but be realized and come to life. The constraint yet unlimited strength in writing is what keeps us striving for better quality. The growing number of people looking for something more, and the passion burning inside of us is what keeps us writing. At least for me. It is amazing, the simple act of putting words down has such power. May you be inspired today to be heard.