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I have a saying I made up that goes: "Life is beautiful, even the parts we think are ugly."When I first wrote that I realized just how beautiful life itself is, every part of it. It is easy to look at the good times in our life as what makes life beautiful, but when the really hard ugly times hit, we want to run away from them - which is normal and healthy - but just don't discount those times. When you look at life as a whole, like a painting or a story, it needs the easy good times and the hard ugly times to make it a full and beautiful masterpiece.

The point of decision shapes the direction of growth and carves the lens in which we view the world. Is what we are going through another color of paint or another sentence that can bring depth to our life? I like to think so.

When hard times hit, sometimes the hardest decision to make is to smile or believe that there is hope in the wake of the darkness. It is hard to see why those decisions would be important, but smiles are needed, there is hope, and life will not always be so dark - there are mornings that rise up over the horizon and expel the the darkness with light and birds' songs.

Have you ever noticed that on rainy days that the colors outside are so vivid. It’s like the rain make the the world around come alive and show its true colors. (Sort of off the subject, the same thing happens when you get a raw unpolished stone or shell wet, its colors be come more vivid.) It it like life, the “rainy” times in our lives really bring out the true vivid colors. And anyways, the sun is out and shining, it is just hiding behind the clouds.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it is only the hard times that make us beautiful and give us depth. It is the everything; the good, the bad and the undecided. There is always hope when the world is still spinning. Never give up.