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More on the block


“There's no such things as writer's block. That was invented by people in California who couldn't write.”~Terry Pratchett

How true is that? There are many times that I feel like, "yes, there is no writer's block, it is possible to keep on writing. It is all about pushing through and write. The inspiration will come later." But then there are those times when it really does feel like I am smashing my head against a block and I just cannot get past it. So this my conclusion, whether the part about Californians is true or not, I believe there is a writer's block, only very different than the popular idea of it. Imagine with me for a moment the writer's block as an actual (big) block. It is sitting before you, and there is no way around it. The only way to get passed it is to climb. That is where the pushing through no matter how hard it is to get words out on to the page comes in. Climb, because when you climb -as elementary as this may seem- you go higher than where you were before. I have experienced this myself. That when I apply the "bum-glue" to my chair and not stop writing until something clicks inside of me and -may I say- a higher level of writing starts to come out. Sometimes this has taken me weeks of pushing and other times just hours. It was no easy thing and many times the direction of where I thought the writing was going changes completely. The writer's block has been a fascination for me because it is that has plopped itself down in front of me many times. In September, 2010, I wrote an article called "Blank white page syndrome," where I described that the blank page is actually a listening friend, willing to hear whatever you have to say. So with all this said, I have a book that is waiting for me to stop procrastinating writing this blog post and sit down and just start writing.

Thanks for reading, now go and write (am I telling you or me?).

Sarrah Channah Kaliski