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"Share," a common word for parents and writers. As writers, we need to be willing to take that step out and share what we have cultivated in our imaginations and paper. I always have a hard time deciding when is the right time to share my writing with other. Is it good enough? Will they think it is stupid, lame, weak? Or do I just want to share this with them? All excellent questions to stop me (there are plenty more, those are just the top 3). When you share, you open yourself up. So let's say you are kind of like me, and have a hard time sharing your writings with others. I found something that has helped me.  Starbucks had this saying on their coffee up sleeves, "Stories are gifts, share." After I read that, I realized that people love stories. Look around you, the world is created by stories, e.g. television, radio, our conversations, etc. People love gifts, and the giver is opening their self up when  they give it. Most of the time, you are not sure if the person will like the gift or not, but you give it anyways (hopefully).  So I decided, why not share what I write? Why not share? Writing is a gift to writers - even if is sweat and toil to write - why not give that gift to others?