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a.k.a. sarrah

The magic of writing


With artwork, one can visually see what the artist wanted the people to see. Music, you can hear the sounds that the composer or musician wanted the listener to hear. Writing is in a world of its own. Because the writer hopes the reader's imagination will come close to what the writer had imagined and you never know if it will.As writers, we are told to "show" instead of "tell." Anton Chekhov said, "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." To show something using words. Words; the very core of telling. So my thought is, writers must get nosey. Pry into the lives, events and places of your writing. When I write I have to get to know my characters on a deep level. I have to know their fears; loves; dreams; thoughts; mundane times-though, I do not always write that; their past and their present. Alice Hoffman said "When you start writing, the magic comes when the characters seem to take on a life of their own and write the words themselves." People say to take your characters to coffee and such to get to know them. I say write, write, write, and write - you will learn a lot about your characters and places of the book if you never stop thinking and writing about them. When you write, frame your work for all to see and turn up the volume so all can hear your words. Writing is art and music for beyond the eyes and ears. Writing is a beautiful magical gift.