a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah

Scraps of Poetry


There are moments when words come to me, whether in a fleeting undertone or in a vocative strength pulsating around and through me. I quickly scribble them down on some scrap piece of paper and hurry on with my day. That moment eclipsing the next and the next, and soon more poems are written -complete poems- leaving those scraps of paper forgotten in life's continuous voyage.There also comes those moments when perhaps I am digging through my purse or organizing my writings and some little papers flutter out, crumpled or torn, filled with my handwriting. Those forgotten scraps of poetry are discovered and remembered. These scraps of poetry are not always something special. People are not generally impressed by them and they don't usually make it to the publishing houses. However, I cannot bring myself to throw them in the trash bin. Why? They are voiced segments of silent poems. Maybe someday the rest of the poem will be voiced again, complete. Or perhaps, they will stay a silent poem. A misfit, a loner, a scrap of poetry caught on paper.

Sarrah Channah Kaliski