a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah

Blank white page syndrome


One day when I sat down to write and that oh-so-white page was staring right back at me, I realized something that changed my viewpoint on the "blank white page syndrome," also known as the "writer's block."  So here's the new viewpoint. The page may seem daunting at first, but really it is the one who will always listen to what you have to say. It won't judge the content or style of your writing, criticize the spelling or grammar, and it won't tell you that your idea is crazy. It just accepts everything you write. It is us, the writer, that is the one who doesn't listen to what we have to say, judges it, criticizes it, and disqualifies the idea.Instead of dreading that new white page, see it as a best friend like you have never had and just write; revision always comes later. (If you get the "writer's block" when you are revising, then we need to think of something else.) Happy writing to all and to all a good write.

Sarrah Channah Kaliski