a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


a.k.a. sarrah

The forgotten treasure


Intrinsically a part of our every moment, the gift of breath is a treasure beyond comparison. Often forgotten in the hubbub of everything, breathing just is and its value is taken lightly. However, can one estimate the value of breath? Is there a one who can appraise it? Of course not.When one has a priceless treasure, they will go to any length to preserve and protect it. Taking measures to do so can sometimes be drastic, but a treasure is to be treasured. The simple act in which our lives continue, connects us with the world around us. We take in the air and it becomes a part of us, giving life to our bodies. Air is vital, because whether the air is clean or not, we breathe and so does the world around us. As I sit here writing, I am breathing, and am reminded that with each breath, G-d willing, another follows; filling my every moment with a incomprehensible amount of unrecognized irreplaceable gift of life, breath. A true treasure.

Sarrah Channah Kaliski