a.k.a. sarrah kaliski


tmi, basically


avid people-watcher and documenter


S.C. Kaliski, a.k.a. Sarrah, is a writer of a myriad of short stories, even more poems, and a few novels. She draws and paints on paper and pixels. She currently resides in the overly sunny Northern California.

Her work ranges from non fiction, literature fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and science fiction. Her artwork has been described as whimsical, strange, and cute. (It's like a casserole, somehow it works.) Also, this is an accurate description of Sarrah. 

She has a podcast where she describes people. It's called Describing People.

Admitted coffee and pun addict.

My passion is to make statements with my writing and art, whether environmental, social, economical, or whatever catches me. To show the beauty of life is a continuous goal of mine.



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